All Ingress Prime Glyph hacking secrets

All Ingress Prime Glyph hacking secrets

Hacking a portal is an action that allows you to get almost any item in the game. If you just click on the "Hack" button, you will get a certain minimum of artifacts. The level of dropped items is most often +/- 1 (sometimes + 2), it fluctuates around the base level, which is equal to the lower of the levels: the agent or the portal.

If you hold down the "Hack" button for a few seconds, you will be prompted to choose:

  • - Hacking with a sequence of commands (slang "glyph").
  • - "Normal hacking" with obtaining a key.
  • - "Regular hacking" without a key.

When hacked with a "glyph" - you need to repeat (draw with your finger, without tearing it off) the picture shown to you for a certain time. For each successful sequence, more items and 50 experience are awarded. There is also a small speed bonus if all pictures are correct.

Glyph count:

  • - Portals 1 lvl. - 1 glyph per sequence.
  • - Portals level 2 - 2 glyphs in sequence.
  • - Portals 3-5 lvl. - 3 glyphs in sequence.
  • - Portals 6-7 lvl. - 4 glyphs in sequence.
  • - Portals 8 lv. - 5 glyphs in sequence.

Additional commands for the glyph. Before you start showing sequences, you have a couple of seconds to specify special parameters.

  • - More is the most commonly used command. It allows you to get from 1 to 3 additional keys in one hack. It is extremely rare to get one additional key (many agents have never met this bonus at all).

The other three may not be memorized at first:

  • - Less - You will not receive keys when hacked.
  • - Simple - the sequence of commands will be displayed longer.
  • - Complex - the sequence of commands will be displayed faster.

If for the sake of pumping and efficient farming you agree to sacrifice the fun of the game, then you can create entire farms and walk from portal to portal, monotonously hacking them. A radiator can be useful in such portals.

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